Water Main Repair and Replacement Services

Waterline repair services for residential and commercial projects can be costly for homeowners. If homeowners delay timely repairs, a leakage in the water main may cause several other problems. In residential areas, leaky pipes and tubing ruins hardwood flooring, furnishing, and wall surfaces.

Moreover, if the water is leaking from a pressure service pipe, it can create sinkholes. Thus, only professional water main repair services such as by Mac’s Plumbing can help save your home from unattended leaks and water damage.

Let’s delve into the details and determine why you need fast water repair and replacement services to prevent leakage.

Water Main Repair and Replacement Services

The water main is the most important pipe in your plumbing system. It distributes and maintains the water supply. However, when this main supply encounters problems due to corrosion, age, or exposure to other substances, it begins to malfunction.

Whether water shortage or flooding, it may affect your house and other buildings around it. Even minor leaks may turn into huge issues. This is when you need reliable water main repair and replacement services. With old and damaged mains, you’re not safe. If you don’t repair or replace them, they may burst when cold temperature sets in.

Moreover, overused and damaged pipes accumulate hazardous substances that corrode their inner surfaces. The corroded pipes may become a health hazard if they impact water supply quality. Investing in water pipe repair and replacement is beneficial for your long-term safety.

Experts at Mac’s plumbing, in this regard, know how to handle water mains cost-effectively.

What is a Water Main House Services?

Water main is the central pipe carrying water to your house. The main underground pipeline connects your house to the water source of the community. Note that sewer lateral and water mains are two different pipelines. Sewer lateral carries sewage and used water from the homes.

Common Water Main Problems and How We Can Help

Cracks and holes that developed over time in water mains can cause external and internal corrosion from the frost.

Plus, water pipes have lots of pressure, even a small break in the main causes water to burst out of the pipes. The water often flows out on the surface that can be the basement, front yard, or street. This may lead to polluted and contaminated water in your house.

Moreover, leakage in the water valve is another common problem many homeowners encounter. You must call professionals such as Mac’s plumbing to tighten the nut on the gate valves to stop the leakage.
The professional plumbing experts detect the problems with your water pipes and help you repair or replace them before they cause massive damage.

» Water Service Repair and Replacement Tips

Here are some tips you can follow to prevent water damage to your property.

  • Be vigilant for red flags in your water mains, such as persistent plumbing problems or old plumbing systems.
  • Opt for trenchless replacement as the new technology replaces the damaged water mains without digging the holes in your property.
  • Contact utility line representative or a pipe repair and replacement professional to prevent electrocution.
  • Never try DIY repairs as it may lead to costly do-overs in the long-run.